Stopping limescale in your dishwasher (or loo cistern)

really isn’t rocket science...















Stops limescale...dead in the water


Just drop into the cup section of your dishwasher...





And your loft water tank...






From just 2p a day...



We pledge that if it doesn’t work - we’ll give you your money back*



What is CalcStop?

It’s a time-proven and extremely effective way of stopping limescale...dead - uses a food-grade material.


How long does it last?

A whole year, so it costs just 2p a day! We recommend that you monitor its use if your water use is high. Once it has broken down to a small pile, replace it.


Is polyphosphate in water ok?

Yes. Polyphosphates are legally permitted additives that are widely used to aid processing, or to improve eating quality of many foods, particularly meat and fish products.


It’s cheap, effective, and really easy to use. Simply drop the bag into your water tank, loo cistern, or your dishwasher. For washing machines email us.


Buy your CalcStop here...

Just £8

plus 1.99 postage

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CalcStop is manufactured by Scalgon - leaders in the fight against limescale since 1983. We also manufacture limescale inhibitors for your water supply. Please click HERE


Scalgon, 19 Cockney Hill, Reading. RG30 4HF. Tel. 0770 231 6157



CalcStop must have been in place for a minimum of 18 months, and had at least one replacement, or two for water tanks. Proof of purchases (of refresh CalcStop) would be required.  Guarantee is restricted to domestic use.  ‘Money-back’ would be the £8 original purchase cost. To claim your money back, contact us by email at info@scalgon.co.uk


Distributors required. Please email us - info@scalgon.co.uk



And leave it there.

Lasts a year!



Drop one into your loo cistern, too...